Update v1.3: Max Inferno!

Some of you no doubt noticed a few changes around here. Firstly, Annie and I have formalized our collaboration and we have officially named our studio Max Inferno! This is a nod to the nickname we gave the corner that we would meet at when we first started walking together. It now represents the spark of an idea into a huge blaze of creativity!

This update is a minor one; we just updated the branding in the demo credits to reflect the our new company name.

We will also be premiering a new trailer for A Little To The Left on the Wholesome Direct showcase on June 12th, at 1pm EST, so make sure to tune in!. There will be an announcement! But also, we are hard at work on new levels, and so follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

v1.3 Changelog

  • Updated branding in the demo credits.

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