Update v1.1: More Guidance for Placement Puzzles

Hey folks, 

Firstly, thanks to all who have played and commented on A Little To The Left! Your response has been super amazing and we're thrilled that so many people are enjoying our game.

Today is our first update;  we've heard your feedback and want to make this game as good as we possibly can, so we've made a few design tweaks to help smooth out some of the stumbling blocks.

Some people were finding the puzzle criteria a little too open-ended on certain levels. We want the puzzles to be exploratory and intuitive, but some were finding it frustrating without any indication of the goal. To help with this, we've added some subtle environmental cues to a couple of the placement puzzles. We've also cleaned up some background images that were misleading.

Since we're offering a bit more guidance, we've also made a slight tweak to the object snap action in some areas. For a couple of the levels where multiple items can be placed, the snap will now occur to any valid target, so you know it's a hot spot where an item will be placed, but it will pop out if it's not the correct solution (like on the Colored Pencils). We're testing this out as a way to try and deter some of the "hover until it locks" and brute force strategies we've been seeing from some players.

Please let us know if these updates improve the flow of the game. Our intention is for A Little To The Left to be relaxing and satisfying, so we want to keep hearing how we can make the experience better.

Thank you for playing!

v1.1 Changelog

  • Added scuffs to background to indicate valid placements on Colored Pencils
  • Colored Pencils now snap to any valid position, but will pop out if incorrect
  • Changed background on Jars to reduce confusion
  • Jars placement is more forgiving
  • Reduced pickup lift distance on Books as it proved difficult to compare heights
  • Added marks to Sharpened Pencils to indicate placement zone
  • Moved locations of some Sharpened Pencils to obscure length


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