A Little To The Left to get FULL RELEASE!

Hey folks, Annie and I have a big announcement to share... we're going to extend our cozy little bite-sized puzzler, A Little To The Left, into a full release! This means we're going to add a ton more puzzles, a more cohesive narrative thread, and of course, an even chiller vibe.

Why? Because we're just over 6 months since the release of A Little To The Left, and we're still thinking about it. It was a joy to make, and we think that's made it a joy to play too, because we just surpassed 3000 plays on Itch with a 5-star rating to boot! We're so excited when people love our game, and we want to give you more!

We're picking away at creating more content for A Little To The Left with a goal of releasing before end of 2021. We think this is doable- it's a lot of content creation, but the basic engine is there and so it should be relatively swift to extend. We're coming up with a bunch of new puzzle-types too that will be guided by the same rationale (or irrationale) that has informed the current set, while mixing it up and throwing in some surprises.

We should note that the full release of A Little To The Left no longer be a free to play browser game, and will be priced very reasonably. We will keep this free version up with the first 10 levels for now, but prior to release we will be removing it to avoid confusion. Please make sure to download the game if you want to keep access to the free levels.

We are working on our next game too, and as just the two of us it's slow going, but we're super excited and totally motivated to make some great fun games!

Thank you! And if you're interested, please follow along with us on Twitter at @youllbejustfine


A Little To The Left (PC) 153 MB
Version 1 Sep 16, 2020
A Little To The Left (Mac) 163 MB
Version 1 Sep 16, 2020

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