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Hello, developer. Do you have any plans to make this game for mobile? I found people reviewing your game on social media. I really want to play your game but I can't play your game, because I don't have a computer or macbook.

Hi! Yes, A Little to the Left will be releasing for iOS and Android. Stay tuned to our socials for announcements on when those will be available!


does anyone know how many levels the current demo has 🧎

10 levels in the demo!

Even though the cat was annoying at times, this game was simply incredible. I suffer with both autism and ADHD and this game just seemed to fufill every single one of my needs. I am so so excited for the full game !


Yay, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

The cat has been tamed down for the main game, so hopefully any annoyance is now just fun. 


I hate you so much i wanted to play this game

without downloading stupid steam


Hello there, sorry your experience with getting the game up and running was no so good. We're unsure what issue you experienced- did the game ask you to install Steam when you tried to launch it?




wow this was so cute! i really enjoyed placing everything into the correct spot and the small interruptions of the cat was adorable. it really adds such a level of fun trying to work against a cat!

i really like the look of the game and want to play it but it cant convert to an app it just says _mac instead of .app i cant figure it out

Hi there, sorry for the late reply!

Unfortunately Mac is displaying an "app damaged" error when opening from the download, but there is a workaround that can be found in the "Install Instructions". We're working on getting this resolved. Sorry for the issue!

I'm pretty sure this game on the appstore has taken your demo entirely to put in their game. It's under the name put them in right - organizing and I saw it on tiktok and then when playing realized I recognized the artstyle.  Just thought you should know in case it is stolen. Ive included a screenshot from the game to help.

Thanks for letting us know! We're aware that they have stolen our concept and artwork, and are seeing what options we have to resolve.


pls this game was SO cute. the cat is such a little troll. i think having different levels of difficulty might help - it took me a few tries to get the table setting right, which i thought was funny but might frustrate other players. but srsly, such a fun and adorable game! reminded me of unpacking, but with cat ;3

Hi there, thanks for your feedback, we're so glad you liked the game!

We are aware that the cat is a bit too tough in the demo, so we've eased their ferocity for the main game :)


This game just released so much endorphins into my brain....and then whiskers showed up 😑

I like how the cat ruin the mood, my cat also do that in real life HAHAHAH, waiting for the full game <3

the cat was really annoying. ruined the peaceful experience :(

We are tweaking the cat so it's less challenging to deal with, stay tuned!

eu vi vídeos fofos e divertidos desse jogo mas é uma pena que não dê pra baixar no Android 

Estaremos lançando no Android em uma data posterior

muito obrigada 😀

I loved the first few levels! till the cat on level like 4 or 5 started messing things up. got me really stressed and confused since my computer is laggy other then that I love this game!

Hi there Mae, glad you liked it! Sorry you found the cat stressful, we've put some work into make it a bit more accessible and somewhat less of a nuisance ;)

this was super super calming and fun :)

This was AWESOME! I absolutely can't wait for the full game to be released! I am probably going to replay the levels many times before then haha. So surprised at how good this was! Kudos to the developer! 

super cute and fun it was a bit tricky but i liked it! great art designe and overall, a 10/10

Very fun and surprisingly challenging to get the full star rankings for some of them! I will definitely get this on switch when it gets ported!

Very cute and fun! This game seems to have a lot of potential, I will surely have it on my wishlist 🧡 (Pt-BR)


Great game def recommend!!

I really enjoyed the game, it is probably the most relaxing game I've played without feeling bored after a few levels.

However, I tend to get really invested in anything when I'm receiving some sort of "grading", and even if that makes me enjoy a bit more the games, in this case it felt so stressing trying to figure how could I get 2 or 3 stars, specially when after a while I can't figure out a right answer (for example, trying colors with the books) and the hint is pointing me out the method I already got right.

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Hi, thanks for playing our demo- so glad that you like it!

The extra stars are "hidden" solutions that are in most cases are a bit trickier to find- you'll have to be very observant to uncover them! You may also be able to find some help from the community over on our Steam Community Hub.

We appreciate your feedback and will consider your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!


On the contrary I found it stressful... Like there was someone standing over me, making me tidy up exactly to their taste. Especially the level with the drawer- looked fine to me! I don't see why the paperclips should go in this compartment not that one. The books seem tidy enough already from the beginning. They are on a shelf aren't they? I think I needed more clues that this person I'm cleaning for is actually a neat freak, that they really want the pencils to be arranged by height, rather than finding out that my pencil tidying is inadequate without explanation

Hi, thanks for sharing, we appreciate your perspective!


Maybe if you gave me a score like a C- for the pencils, B+ on the drawer, I'd see that the tidying is okay, not terrible, then I would figure out it could be better. It feels like I'm getting an F for a tidy drawer right now, plus the cat keeps messing up the plates!


as someone who finds cleaning and games therapy, this is my everything


This game is so good!! It's a blessing for my brains 😩🙏  it's so relaxing 

The art is so beautiful too !! I love it so much. I can't wait to see more from you 🤗❤️

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Simple concept, but cute game. I can't wait for the full version! :D


I played the first demo of this game, and I really liked it. Now I got to play the new demo, and I love it! It had a bit more challenge and a much better overall feel to it. The art style and the music is just great. I really enjoyed playing and recording the new demo!

Good stuff, devs! Looking forward for the full release.

Check out the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!


This was really relaxing , excited to see what you do with it ( more levels and possibly seeing the cat more)


This is so cute!!! I can't wait for the full release- I wonder what else can be done with this game. It's super relaxing. 

Hi Pikalulz, thanks so much for playing! It was really fun to watch :) There's plenty more on the way so stay tuned!


I love this game so much. GIVE MORE A LITTLE TO THE LEFT please.


Adorable game! I can't wait for the full release :)


fun game!


Thank you for the game! it was really interesting and satisfying at the same time! hope to see its full release! 


Cute game, but the screen randomly tints red which kinda ruins it

Hi blue_skye, can you explain this further? This sounds like it could be a bug or a localized issue.

Hi! It happened when I changed to one of the levels, I can't remember which one. I don't think it was something on my end because the red was entirely contained within the game screen, it wasn't on any other part of the screen outside of it. It stayed for three levels and went away. 

I think this happens when you accidentally select and the screen turns red? cuz that happened to me to

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Hi! Thanks for chiming in here. Is this occurring with the browser or downloadable version of the game? If it's the browser version, are you playing the windowed embed or fullscreen?

Does this occur when clicking and selecting objects in game, or does it happen with accidental selection of the webpage text outside of the game space, like when hitting CTRL+A, or perhaps dragging from outside the embed and highlighting the page text? 

This happened to me when I was playing both windowed embed and fullscreen browser version, I changed between them and it didn't change anything. It happened when clicking things in game. 


this is a cuteeee gameeeeeee


Cute game! It was a little hard to understand what to do but I can't wait for the final game!

Thanks so much for playing! Yep, we're aware it can be a little obtuse at points. Player feedback and UI are primary focuses for the full release. We want the game to be fun, not confusing!


Soooooo cute, really taps in to my love of organization. Excited to see what new things we'll be able to organize with the full release!

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I have download it 👌 so much fun


Nice game, got confused in the middle

Deleted 335 days ago

I’m trying to learn how to use unity to create game and I loveeeee your work it absolutely inspired me. It’s so unique not like every other unity games and also super fun

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Wow, thank you so much for your message! Countless others have inspired us to pursue making games and we are so happy to hear that we may be able to inspire other game dev journeys as well :)


Fast little game to play, was a really cute and well designed game!

Am gonna wait for the full version BUT I am still mad about the cat ruining my pencils!



This is really fun!! I'm excited for the full version :)

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