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Would you recommend this on Switch or PC? I really want to get it and I'm going to but I'm wondering what system I should get it on- It looks like it would be easier to navigate on a PC.


I can't find the ost anywhere... Are you planning on releasing it in the future? It's too good not to!

can you buy this on any other platforms then steam and switch 

The game is currently only available to buy on Steam and Switch.

would you ever consider other platforms in the future 

Absolutely! We'd love to bring the game to other platforms. Stay tuned!

My wife and I are dying to play this on our android phones!!!


MAKE THE DEMO AVAILABLE AGAIN! I wanted to show my family some of this before i actually bought the game and now I cant. You need to leave a demo up so people can see before buying!

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Is this demo no longer available?  It's not showing anything available to install.  Will you be making it available again in the future?

Hello, thanks for your feedback! The original demo was quite out of date from the launch version of the game, and needs to be updated. We have been busy with post-launch maintenance, but will take a look at assessing what's involved in getting an updated demo.


Howdy, wanted to thank y'all for an amazing game. I'd also like to encourage you to consider adding a colorblind mode to the full release of the game. Certain puzzles are next to impossible without help if you're colorblind. Thank you for your time.

Hi there, we appreciate your feedback. We recognize that the color based puzzles cause difficulties for those who have colorblindness, and we will give some thought as to how we might be able to make those puzzles more accessible.



Loved the demo, can not wait for this on Switch! Do you have a estimated date for its release there? I have only found August suggested and then November for PC.

LOVED THIS !! it is adorable and the foley is so relaxing to me. added it to my wishlist immediately and will definitely buy the full game on the 8th :)


thank you for making this inaccessible to those without windows or linux

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Hi there, are you on Mac? If so, we're aware that there's an issue with the app saying it's "damaged" when trying to launch it on OSX.

You have two options:
1) Launch the game via the app
2) Use the steps outlined in the Install Instructions.

Apologies for the inconvenience, this will be resolved for the full release.

If you have another problem with accessibility, please feel free to add more detail to your comment. Thanks!

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