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everything is perfect now, great.

thanks for this game!


Really enjoyed the game and presentation! How the items lock in feels good.  The Colored pencil puzzle hint was especially clever. Great art direction!


Really good game !

BUT, with your logic, because for example with the books, I wanted to store them exactly in the reverse positions ^^

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Hehe, you're not the first! And we've had people want to do the Post-it's in a different order too. We have considered offering multiple solutions on a few of these.

Thanks for playing and for your comment!

It's true that on the post-it I had a bit of that.

But with the books I got the "But what do you expect from me the game?"

No problem, I love the spirit of the game! keep going.


beautiful game :)


This is really neat! Literally!


I really like this game.

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Umm... yeah it's kinda nice and easy, I like this game!

The cat scares me! XD


Very nice - played this during online lecture ^^ 


Oof maybe pay attention instead! But yeah I get you sometimes the teachers just ramble!


Davvero bello musiche e ragionamento molto intrigante veramente bello


what do i do in the pencils?

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I'll have to be careful as I don't want to ruin the solution for any other players, but here's a hint:

For the pencil levels (there are two), take note of the markings in the background, these indicate valid placement locations. You can pick up and move the pencils around; the goal is to place them in the correct location (there is a pattern). You'll notice that objects snap to a valid placement location, and if you've placed correctly, the objects will align and not be interactive anymore.

Give it another try and let me know how you make out. If you're still stuck, there's a video in a previous comment that shows the solution.

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As a mildly obsessive tidy person, I knew immediately what to do in every single puzzle, haha. So cute, and very satisfying to organize, sort, and stack things virtually. And as a cat owner, the ending was too cute and fitting. Nice game!


I wish some things were a little more clear, for example the colored pencils took me a good 6 minutes. Other than that I love the illustration and idea

We have a couple of game design ideas that should help make it clearer as to what to do- keep your eyes open for an update soon.

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback with us!

Cute game! Got a bit lost but figured the puzzles out eventually. Was expecting something scarier going by the description but at the end I was like, "ohhhhh" I can relate lol. Thanks!

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Hey Maghook, thanks so much for playing and sharing your video with us! It's really helpful to see how you interact with the puzzles, and we can use your playthrough to help smooth out some of those stumbling spots.

Also, this comment from one of your viewers is 100%:
"this is the game of only perfection" - Meercat5000

The ending has proven terrifying for some ;)

Thanks again, your videos are really fun to watch, and there's so many great games being made!

I cannot begin to describe how distressing it was that without clear instructions the patterns I thought looked good and wanted to organize things in were not accepted.

Thanks for playing and providing your feedback! We have considered multiple solutions for some puzzles, but for now they’re just single solution based on a common set of rules.

Unique and so tranquil!



super cute! <3


I really liked it! The feeling when you find just the right pattern ^^ You two did a good job, congratulations for you both


Loved the idea and the illustrations. My only issue is control-wise; rather than find the right position in a blank screen, I'd have left some kind of markers in the background to suggest proper position, and also let the user rotate the objects themselves in the perfect (or very close to perfect) orientation. Talking about the pencils level, for example, since I didn't see any particular order nor I knew how far apart they had to be. But really cool idea nonetheless!

We tested using placement markers, but felt it was limiting exploration and discovery, so instead we have opted for objects to “snap” when it’s within a placement target. Thanks for your feedback- very helpful! 

Loved it! The colours, stylish illustrations all lend itself to a smooth experience that reflects it's concept lawlessly. The cherry on top would have been some sound. Fantastic work to the team!

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